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Get a quote with a real person and have all your questions answered on the spot. We compare travel insurance quotes from different carriers so you get the best deal.

Canadians Travelling

Planning a trip abroad? Group insurance or credit card insurance coverage may not be enough. Whether you are looking for emergency medical insurance or trip cancellation and interruption insurance, we have all different plans to get you covered.

Visitors to Canada

Welcome to Canada! Before you leave your home country, make sure to have a travel insurance in place. We cover emergency medical needs and AD&D. Coverage ranges from $10,000 to $300,000. If you come with a student, you may qualify for Student Insurance.


Our plans cover international students and their accompanying family. Your parents may be eligible to purchase this plan even if they are not on the same policy with you, which saves a ton compared to a regular Visitors to Canada plan.

Super Visa Insurance

Before submitting your super visa application, you need to have enough health coverage that meets super visa insurance requirements. A paid minimum $100,000 emergency medical travel insurance coverage is required. Partial refund may be eligible.

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With our in-person approach to travel insurance, there’s never been a more comfortable way to protect yourself. Fill in the form or call us to speak to an advisor and start a stress-free travel.

“The days of intimidating & confusing insurance terms are finally over!”

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“Thanks to the travel insurance I have in Canada – the expense of extracting my tooth is covered!”

Diane King

Happy Travellers

“The best insurance advisor I’ve worked with! Not only is everything so simple, but they have the best rates in the industry.”

Carl Correa

“I bought a student insurance for my mother when I was a student in Toronto. I can’t believe the rate of her insurance is cheaper than mine, yet the coverage is the same! ”

Leonie Vega

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Explore our products to learn more about your insurance options and in addition receive a quote from us.


If you are looking to buy a travel insurance, whether you are travelling abroad or visiting Canada on a student visa / visitors visa / super visa, we can help. Fill in your contact information below and we will call you to discuss the details and give you a free and no-obligation quote tailered to your needs. When you are happy with the quote, you can pay for the coverage with credit cards and the issued policy will be sent to your email. So pleasantly, you are covered!

Each insurance company’s offering is unique. With a similar coverage, some offer the lowerest rates in the market, and some compete with the best service possible. As an independent insurance advisor, we represent more than 10 carriers. After understanding your needs and preferences, we will help you get the quotes from the best two to three insurance companies that work for you.

We represent more than 10 insurance companies, from local niche players to global giants. We can easilty get the best rates that suit your needs. That being said, we do not believe the lower price, the better. We also look for better services and best overal claim experiences. We want you to get the best deal that balances between prices and services, so you can enjoy your travel stress-free!

Yes! Before the policy effective date, you have 10 days after purchase to return the policy for a full refund. After the effective date, you can also apply for a partial refund if no claims are made and certain rules are met. 

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